R. A. H. Goodyear

Title Publisher Year
Forge of Foxenby Blackie & Son 1920
The Boys of Castle Cliff School Blackie & Son 1921
The Boys of Tudorville Lloyd 1921
Luckless Leo's Schooldays Lloyd 1921
Tom and Tim at School Lloyd 1921
Two Terms at Linglands Lloyd 1921
The White House Boys G. G. Harrap 1921
The Four Schools Blackie & Son 1922
The Greenway Heathens Nisbet 1922
Topsy-Turvey Academy G. G. Harrap 1922
The Worst Boy in Town Lloyd 1922
The Captain and the Kings Adam & Charles Black 1923
Jack O'Langsett Thomans Nelson & Sons 1923
The Life of the School Jarrolds 1923
Tom at Tollbar School Blackie & Son 1923
The Fifth Form at Beck House Adam & Charles Black 1924
The Sporting Fifth at Ripley's Sampson Low 1924
Young Rookwood at School Ward, Lock 1924
The Boys of Ringing Rock Ward, Lock 1925
Boys of the Valley School John Castle 1925
The School's Best Man Jarrolds 1925
Three Joskins at St. Jude's Adam & Charles Black 1925
Blake of the Modern Fifth Ward, Lock 1926
Boys of the Mystery School Sampson Low 1926
The Hope of This House Thomas Nelson & SonsJohn Castle 1926
The New Boy at Baxtergate Adam & Charles Black 1926
Fellows of Ten Trees School Sampson Low 1927
His Brother at St. Concord's Jarrolds 1927
Up Against the School Adam & Charles Black 1927
Rival Schools at Schooner Bay Ward Lock 1928
Strickland of the Sixth Sampson Low 1928
With Wat at Wintergleam Adam & Charles Black 1928
Clare of Glen House Thomas Nelson & Sons 1929
The Hardy Brockdale Boys Sampson Low 1929
The Luck of the Lower Fifth J. F. Shaw 1929
Too Big for the Fifth J. F. Shaw 1929
All Out for the School Sampson Low 1930
The Grammar School Hotspurs J. F. Shaw 1930
Tringle of Harlech Ward Lock 1930
School Before All J. F. Shaw 1931
Something Like a Chum Sampson Low 1932
Rivals at St. John's Collins 1933
The Captain of Glendale S. W. Partridge 1935
Pulling Templestone Through Sampson Low 1936
The School's Airmen Ward Lock 1936
Tudorvale Colours Sampson Low 1936
The Broom and the Heather Boys Ward Lock 1937
Fenshaven Finds Its Feet Ward Lock 1938
Parry Wins Through Sampson Low 1938