Michael Poole

Title Publisher Year
The Taming of Peter Grell Pilgrim Press 1926
The Bullies of Barnston Pilgrim Press 1928
The Captain of Stannard's Blackie & Son 1928
The Duffer of Danby Thomas Nelson & Sons 1928
Grimshaw of St. Kit's Cassell 1929
Well Bowled, Grantley! Blackie & Son 1929
Quinton Kicks Off! Cassell 1930
Barnston's Big Year Blackie & Son 1931
Play to the Whistle! Oxford University Press 1934
Brunton Wakes Up Oxford University Press 1934
The Mystery of Cranston School Sampson Low 1935
Revolution of Redways Oxford University Press 1935
Wake Up Marston! Hutchinson 1935
Bancroft of the Grammar School Oxford University Press 1936
The Cranks of Marston Sheldon Press 1936
Detectives at Burnden School Sampson Low 1936
Brunton Comes Back Oxford University Press 1938
Broxton's Silver Spur George Newnes 1953