Hylton Cleaver

Title Publisher Year
Brother o' Mine Oxford University Press 1920
The Harley First XI Oxford University Press 1920
Captains of Harley Oxford University Press 1921
Roscoe Makes Good Oxford University Press 1921
The Harley First XV Oxford University Press 1922
The Old Order Oxford University Press 1922
Second Innings Oxford University Press 1924
The Greyminster Mystery Frederick Warne 1927
The Short Term at Greyminster Collins 1928
Captains of Greyminster Collins 1929
The Term of Thrills Frederick Warne 1931
The New Boy at Greyminster Collins 1932
The Secret Service at Greyminster Collins 1932
Buttle Butts In Frederick Warne 1933
Captains of Duke's Frederick Warne 1933
The Ghost of Greyminster Collins 1933
Caught in the Slips Collins 1934
The Phantom Pen Frederick Warne 1934
The Forbidden Study Collins 1934
The School That Couldn't Sleep Frederick Warne 1936
The Pilot Prefect Frederick Warne 1937
Dawnay Leaves School Frederick Warne 1947
St. Benedict's Goes Back Frederick Warne 1948
Captain of Two Schools Frederick Warne 1950
Lawson for Lord's Frederick Warne 1950