Welcome to The British School Story Index

Welcome to my small corner of the Internet dedicated to (mostly) British juvenile fiction set in schools. Information on this site relates to books published from the mid-1800s (although there are one or two earlier exceptions) to about the mid 1960s (again, there are one or two notable exceptions.)
The original notion was to put together a small database of my own modest collection of British juvenile fiction of this genre that I’d accumulated over many years. Within a few weeks, I had far overshot the bounds of the original humble undertaking and set my sites on a broader database of school-related juvenile literature spanning the hundred years or so between 1860 to 1960.

Here, you will find sections on all of the popular boys’ authors (including Harold Avery, John Finnemore, Frank Richards etc.) as well as cover scans, a bibliography and information on particular books and series of books.